The Colours of Aboriginality by Anita Heiss (1996)

by kathleenljackson

I’ve been called Vegemite,
And Coco Pops too.
I’ve been called Chocolate Drop,
I tell you its true.

The colour of my skin
is a cause for concern
To all those whitefellas
Who simply must learn…

That Aboriginality 
Is something that’s inside
It’s not based on skin colour
And it’s nothing you can hide.

It’s something very personal
Like being a woman and a man
It’s something you feel
And only an Aborigine can.

And yes we come in all shades
Black, Brown or White,
That is something that’s bound to
Give some a fright.

Yes I’m standing next to you.
With orange hair.
Don’t you go lookin’
There’s no need to stare.

I’m just another blackfella
Who doesn’t fit the bill.
I know you find it hard
To swallow that pill.

But it really is something
That comes from within
And it’s like the difference between
Being a her or a him.