Films about passing, 1930-1950

by kathleenljackson

Imitation of Life (1934)Imitation of Life (1934)

Stars: Claudette Colbert, Warren William, Rochelle Hudson, Louise Beavers, Fredi Washington
Director: John M. Stahl
Written by: Fannie Hurst (novel); William Hurlbut (screenplay)
Distributor: Universal Studios
Release Date: 26 November 1934
Running time: 111 min

Imitation of Life (1934) [Trailer]

Note: There is also the 1959 version of the film directed by Douglas Sirk.

God's Stepchildren (1938)God’s Stepchildren (1938)

Starring: Jacqueline Lewis, Ethel Moses, Alice B. Russell, Carmen Newsome, Gloria Press, Cherokee Thornton, Dorothy Van Engle
Director: Oscar Micheaux
Written by: Alice B. Russell and Oscar Micheaux
Distributor: Micheaux Pictures Corporation
Release date: 1938
Running time: 70 minutes

God’s Step Children (whole film) – [Part 1]: [Part 2]: [Part 3]: [Part 4]: [Part 5]: [Part 6]: [Part 7]: [Part 8].

Lost Boundaries (1942)Lost Boundaries (1942)

Starring: Beatrice Pearson, Mel Ferrer, Susan Douglas Rubes
Directed by: Alfred L. Werker
Written by: William L. White (story); Charles Palmer (adaptation)
Distributor: Film Classics
Release date:  July 2, 1949
Running time: 99 minutes

Pinky (1949)Pinky (1949)

Starring: Jeanne Crain, Ethel Barrymore, Ethel Waters, Nina Mae McKinney, William Lundigan
Director: Elia Kazan
Screenplay by: Philip Dunne and Dudley Nichols
Based on: Quality by Cid Ricketts Sumner
Distributor: 20th Century Fox
Release date: September 29, 1949
Running time: 102 mins.

Pinky (1949): [Trailer]

Pinky (1949): [Whole Film]