I’m back!

So much has happened since my last post, dear readers, and yet the looming deadlines remain!

I’m currently in the planning/ creating a foundation stage of Mission ‘write-a-thesis-in-three(ish)-months-while-working-full time’. The thesis itself has changed a little – I have been inspired by the highest summit in (mainland) Australia and some of the more amazing people in this world.

There are now two central themes to my thesis: film and gender. Essentially, I’ll be looking at the way ‘passing’ has been represented in film, how it has been gendered, and how that has impacted our historical understanding of ‘passing for white’.

Things to expect from me soon(ish):

– Info. for applying to graduate school
– K’s online nerd list
– More on productivity and planning
– Opportunities to nerd it up with fellow nerds
– my usual political rants, scholarly opportunities and academic crushes
– super fun thesis updates!