This site will probably never go live…

by kathleenljackson

I have been attempting to develop a website for some time now – The Waterhole Learning Space. The idea was born some time last semester following a series of conversations with friends in other fields. We began to notice clear overlaps in our respective fields and began to discuss our projects from a multidisciplinary perspective – the result was some really interesting and dynamic assessments.  This success fuelled further discussion about our weaknesses and strengths and we would ultimately walk away feeling like we had both taught something and gained something.

Basically, what the Waterhole aspires to do is provide an informal space where people can be both the student and the teacher. We live in a rapid paced, largely digitalised world and it is almost impossible to stay on top of everything and the Waterhole allows people to post their findings, thought processes and participate in discussions in a flexible, non-judgmental environment.


EDIT: As of July 5, 2012 is under construction.